Sundays: in Jersey, it’s a time for eating, gathering—let’s be real, a little bickering—and lots more eating. It usually happens in the kitchen, made with love by a mama, a nonna, or, in our case, a Gigi.


Our Gigi has been in the business of home-cooked meals for decades. Her Sunday Sauce (aka, gravy) rivals the best of them and is such a secret blend, she has yet to pass the recipe to her sons. Gigi grew up surrounded by restaurateurs—including her Uncle Benny, who owned the famous Top of the Mast in Seaside Park. And now she’s opened her kitchen to you.


If you see her around, wearing her blingy “Gigi” pin, tell her how much you love the meatballs and sauce. (While you’re at it, try a few brick-oven pizzas—the best down the shore—or our home-cooked classics and steaks.)


So while you’re here, eat, fight, hug, and kiss, because remember, it’s always Sunday at Gigi’s.